Mini Dachshund
Pat Williams
11529 Bloom Rd
Garrettsville, Ohio 44231

Companion/Pet Sales Contract Agreement

Buyer _______________________________________________________________



E-Mail ________________________________

Date Whelped__________________________



Sex ______________________Color __________________Coat _____________________________

Purchase Price:$_______________

Less Deposit (Non Refundable):$_____________________________

Balance Due:$________________

Vaccinations: 1st___________________2nd_____________________ 3rd_____________________

Worming Dates ______________ ______________ ______________ ____________

Registration: All Puppies are adopted without papers.

This puppy/dog is in good physical health and free of communicable disease, as it appears to the eye at the time of leaving the breeder's premises. The breeder guarantees this canine against hereditary/congenital life threatening genetic defects for a period of two(2) years of age. This agreement does not cover internal or external parasites.

The purchaser has five( 5 ) days to have this puppy/dog examined by the veterinarian of their choice. If the purchaser chooses not to have this puppy/dog examined by their veterinarian, they accept this puppy/dog "as is" at the time of sale. In the event that a life threatening genetic health disorder renders this canine unsuitable as a companion animal, the purchaser will surrender the canine to the breeder, who will replace the original puppy (no cash refunds). Such requests for replacement must be accompanied by verification of disease or defect by a qualified veterinarian. The Breeder may request a second opinion confirming the defect/disease. Replacement shall be of the same sex and coat type. All shipping expenses are the sole responsibility of the buyer and are non-refundable.

The buyer agrees to provide proper housing, quality nutrition, scheduled vaccinations/worming and veterinary care as needed. Any evidence of neglect or abuse will void this contract.  This puppy/dog can not be resold to a pet shop/puppy broker or breeding kennel.  If the buyer/owner can no longer care for this puppy/dog the breeder should be notified so a suitable home may be found. This puppy/dog may be returned to the breeder at anytime, no questions asked, no refund will be given.

The Buyer agrees to have this canine spayed/neutered within one (1) year, breeding this dog is in violation of this contract and may result in fees/damages ensued by the Breeder.

The Breeder can not guarantee size, show quality or breeding ability of this puppy/dog. This puppy/dog is being adopted as a companion pet, spaying/neutering is strongly recommended for the health and welfare of this animal. The Breeder assumes no responsibility for this puppy/dog after leaving the premises regarding medical expenses or otherwise incurred by the buyer on behalf of this canine without written approval from Doxiepaw Kennels.

Special Conditions/Comments:___________________________________________________________________





This is a binding contract enforceable in a court of law with the State of Ohio. We, the undersigned, agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement.


Buyers Signature:___________________________________________________________________________



Breeders Signature:_________________________________________________________________________




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