These are our furry family members.



This is Lexus she is a longhair red dapple.

She may be small but she thinks she is big.

She tries to be the boss of everyone.






This is Misty she is a longhair shaded cream.

She is  a very gentle girl with a great personality.

She loves to explore and just be outside.






This is Lisa she is a longhair black/tan dapple.

She is very affectionate and loves to be with us.

She loves to run and play in the yard with her brother.






This is Lance our handsome longhair cream.

He loves patrolling the perimeter of the yard to make sure everything is under control.




This is Collin he is a longhair red.

He is best buds with Lance and they are true hounds.

He loves to play and wrestle with all of the girls.

Collin is Misty's son.




This is Paige she is a longhair black and tan.

She is a very fun loving little girl.

I don't think there is anyone she doesn't like.





This is my Sophie she is a longhair dilute red.

She is a wonderful companion and just loves being with me.

She knows what I'm thinking before I do sometimes.

Her mom is Misty and her brother is Collin.






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